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Comprehensive Tax Consulting

Combining tax advisory and business consulting to help you put money back in your business.

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Better Numbers

Smart businesses understand that people make it happen. Hito means people in Japanese. People are a company’s most important resource. Our people help you identify missed opportunities and blind spots, so you can:

Discover tax credits and incentives to grow

Decrease tax costs and increase cash flow

Identify opportunities for additional funding

Find money you didn't know you had


Our People Help
Your People Thrive

Number crunching isn’t our only superpower. We’re not here to take your CPA’s job, but our team’s experience complements their skills. Our unique skill set and process helps you identify tax savings opportunities and improve your overall business operations.

We educate your team on incentive opportunities and its processes, so we can collaborate and create a tax strategy together. We do the tax-strategy heavy lifting that supports future growth, so your team can focus on what they do best.

Maximize Your Tax Efficiency


I believe people drive business growth. Unfortunately, most companies just don’t have the resources they need to grow. The insights I’ve gained in consulting stem from personal entrepreneurial experience, as well as being an ex-big 4 advisor to multi-national corporations. My focus includes:

  • Research & Development Credit
  • Human capital incentives
  • Corporate income tax planning
  • Tax and advisory services

I founded Hito after seeing how many companies fail to achieve their projected growth because they lack the time and resources to implement tax planning strategies that aligned with their long term business objectives.

Since 2006, I’ve helped my clients, including Fortune 500 companies, save $100 million + in tax incentives and credits.

Jennifer Maes

Jennifer Maes

Director of Business Development

Caitlin Collier

Caitlin Collier

Manager of Tax Credit and Incentive

Our Core Values


Clients trust us to deliver. We go above and beyond every step of the way.


We focus on excellence. We get results.


We collaborate to create a plan that meets your business needs.

Minimize Tax Costs Maximize Cash Flow

We work with you to identify opportunities before you commit.

How To Maximize Your Tax Savings: The Research and Development Tax Credit