We Accelerate Your Growth

By leveraging tax benefits to benefit your people and your business.

Strategic Tax Consulting

Providing specialized tax consulting services to help you discover and utilize tax benefits to benefit your business.

We Partner with Our Clients as Their Businesses Evolve

Hito is the hub connecting people, resources and opportunities to leverage tax benefits that can accelerate growth and enable change.

Top talent with proven skills and a diverse range of experiences

Investment in employees enable better lives and communities

Client empowerment to grow their business with the right people, tools and opportunities.

Collaboration on optimal tax strategies to unlock savings for reinvestment into the company


Our People Help
Your People Thrive

Number crunching isn’t our only superpower. We’re not here to take your CPA’s job, but our team’s experience complements their skills. Our proven process and expertise enable you to leverage tax benefits that can not only improve your business operations but also invest more into your employees’ well-being and productivity.

We educate your team on incentive opportunities and its processes, so we can collaborate and create a tax strategy together. We take the guesswork out of taxes, ensuring that your business benefits from all available credits and incentives. And more importantly, your team can stay focused on what they do best.

Maximize Your Tax Efficiency


I believe people drive business growth. If you attract the right people but you don’t invest in their learning and improvement, you will not be able to retain them. Often it is challenging for businesses to find additional savings to grow their business and their teams. This is where leveraging tax benefits can accelerate growth and promote change.

The insights I’ve gained in consulting stem from personal entrepreneurial experience, as well as being an ex-big 4 advisor to multi-national corporations. My focus includes:

  • Research & Development Credit
  • Human Capital incentives
  • Corporate Income Tax Planning
  • Tax and Advisory Services

I founded Hito after seeing how many companies fail to achieve their projected growth because they lack the time and resources to implement tax planning strategies that aligned with their long-term business objectives.

Since 2006, I’ve helped my clients, including Fortune 500 companies, save over $100 million in tax incentives and credits.

Jennifer Maes

Jennifer Maes

Director of Business Development

Caitlin Collier

Caitlin Collier

Manager of Tax Credit and Incentive

Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan

Business Development Manager

Zsamyla Abrasaldo

Zsamyla Abrasaldo

Senior Accountant

Maria Edherlene Cortez

Maria Edherlene Cortez

Executive Assistant / Process Manager

Our Core Values


We nurture relationships that bring together the best talent, tools and possibilities.


We treat each of our clients’ businesses as if it were our own by taking responsibility for the outcomes of its actions.


Our personal approach to doing business is rooted in a passionate commitment to make a difference by putting people first.

Accelerating Growth and Promoting Change

We collaborate with you to ensure the end result is equitable and beneficial, empowering you to embrace a culture of growth and social responsibility.

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