Energize Your Firm's Tax Benefit Performance

We become an extension of your team, providing expertise and enhanced support for your clients.

Your Performance Hinges on Delivering Results

We help you navigate through the following challenges:

You're working on a complex project and don't have the necessary expertise in both strategic tax and business strategy.

You want to complement your existing team with specialists in tax credit and incentives.

You've assured your client that you will exceed expectations and want to ensure you have adequate support.

We Partner with you

Enhance Your Value to Your Client

Your clients expect and deserve the very best. This means anticipating their needs before they even think about them. Finding opportunities that they haven’t discovered. Pre-emptively providing services to benefit them.

This is where we come in. We possess a unique skill set that helps businesses unlock tax benefits that would otherwise remain untapped. We can help you deliver results that exceed client expectations.

A strategic alliance with us energizes your tax benefit performance. We’re not here to replace your team, but to complement it. We round out your team’s capabilities and provide the client with a full set of strategic tax and business expertise.

We work with you to analyze and understand your client’s business and jointly develop a tax strategy that evolves with your clients’ business.

We help drive your clients’ success, while also accelerating your business’ growth.

We’ve Shared Success with These Partners


CPA Firms

Law Firms

Business Consulting Firms

Fractional CFO Firms

Strategic Tax Planning and Business Consulting

Provide Your Client with an Optimized Tax Strategy

Help your clients leverage tax benefits to assure future growth of their business and their employees.

Step One

Analyze Current Business Strategy

We collaborate with your team to understand your business today and plan for your future.

  • Analyze business model
  • Understand organizational strategy
  • Research industry- and state-specific opportunities

Step Two

Assess Tax Savings  Opportunities

We work with our team to uncover opportunities to support proactive decision making that supports current and future business growth.

  • Analyze current tax strategy
  • Understand business goals
  • Research specific tax benefits

Step Three

Develop and Implement Your Client’s Tax Savings Plan

We are work with you to manage the entire process from proposing the right tax strategy to effectively implementing the right tax action plan.

  • Optimized tax strategy to maximize benefits
  • Negotiations with appropriate jurisdictions
  • Submission of all requirements

Step Four

Optimize for Future Growth

We partner with you to ensure that your clients are ready for what the future may bring.

  • Ongoing strategic tax consulting and business advisory services
  • Regular, relevant check-ins
  • Continuing credits and incentives research


Partner with Us to Amplify Value for Your Clients

1. Schedule a call

We’ll discuss your clients’ goals and identify synergies and opportunities to collaborate. We’ll also explain our Strategic Alliances process with you.

2. Become A Referral Team Member

We can work directly with your clients as part of your team, or white label our services. We’ll create a partnership agreement based on your specific requirements.

3. Consistently Exceed Expectations

Expand your services and capabilities, delivering reliable results each and every time.

We Partner with Your Team to Accelerate Your Client’s Growth

Discover tax savings opportunities for your clients. Call for your complimentary evaluation.