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By empowering you to optimize tax strategies to achieve your business goals.

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State Tax Credits

Employment & Investment Credits

Section 174 Capitalization Study

Profit Protection Study

Every Business Can Unlock Tax Savings Opportunities

The challenge lies in identifying the requirements needed to avail of tax benefits. Oftentimes, it’s just a matter of having the expertise and right skill set to discover hidden tax advantages that can benefit your business.

We Partner with You

Optimize Your Tax Strategy and Gain Its Full Advantage

We believe every business can achieve an optimized tax strategy, However, most businesses are not equipped with the right resources to identify opportunities for both tax savings and tax minimization. We partner with you to gain a full understanding of your business and collaborate with you to develop a tax strategy that will evolve with your business as it grows. Your tax strategy will leverage tax credits and incentives, at each stage of your company’s growth.

Strategic Tax Planning and Business Consulting

Unlock Tax Savings for Your Business

We help you leverage tax benefits to assure future growth of your business and your employees.

Step One

Analyze Current Business Strategy

We collaborate with your team to understand your business today and plan for your future.

  • Analyze business model
  • Understand organizational strategy
  • Research industry- and state-specific opportunities

Step Two

Assess Tax Savings  Opportunities

We work with your team to uncover opportunities that can minimize your taxes and maximize your tax savings, with the goal of supporting current and future business growth.

  • Analyze current tax strategy
  • Understand business goals
  • Research specific tax benefits

Step Three

Develop and Implement Your Tax Savings Plan

We’ll manage the entire process from proposing the right tax strategy to effectively implementing your tax action plan.

  • Optimized tax strategy to maximize benefits
  • Negotiations with appropriate jurisdictions
  • Submission of all requirements

Step Four

Optimize for Future Growth

We partner with you to ensure that you are ready for what the future may bring.

  • Ongoing strategic tax consulting and business advisory services
  • Regular, relevant check-ins
  • Continuing credits and incentives research

We Accelerate Growth and Promote Change Through Tax Benefits

Discover tax savings opportunities for your business. Call for your complimentary evaluation.

Where We’ve Made a Difference


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Discover. Unlock. Leverage. Tax Benefits for Your Business.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients Succeed

Tax laws change constantly and managing 1,000’s of tax accounts is incredibly complicated. We needed a top-notch team to help us simplify the process and identify savings opportunities. We’d gone through so many other firms and consultants in the past who just couldn’t or didn’t understand the complexities involved. Yuko and her Team came in and massively streamlined our processes, which saved us an incredible amount of time and money. They were the architects behind the new tax systems that have drastically improved our company’s operation and tax management issues.

- Troy Hoffman, CEO

We knew there might be an opportunity to reduce taxes through R&D credits, but our CPA wanted an expert to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything. Yuko and her team took the time to understand our whole business, then worked alongside our CPA to quickly identify tax-saving opportunities. Within just a few weeks, they’d analyzed and calculated a ton of credits we’d missed. Her team also put together an IRS ready write-up, after interviewing key stakeholders. We love the results she got us, and also how well her team works alongside our own. She saved us a significant amount of Tax liability and totally exceeded my expectations.

- Fletcher Wimbush, CEO

As a fast-growing SAAS company in the U.S., we were struggling to establish our presence and needed help setting up accounting and marketing and sales. Within just 6 months of working with Yuko and her team, we’ve streamlined our accounting system and have a substantially more effective process for marketing and sales. They probably saved us years of work if we’d done it on our own.

- Aki Asahara, CEO

After our CPA retired, our biggest challenge was finding a CPA firm that also had the acumen or interest in helping us with business strategy. Hito was exactly what we were looking for. They helped us better understand our financials and tax returns, and how to prepare for the 2020 tax season to minimize our costs. They also helped us obtain a PPP loan and then strategized how to maximize loan forgiveness. We’ve never had a CPA who actually taught us how to be forward thinking in our tax planning, or how to implement a better strategy. A++ work.

- Takako Banker, Owner

Hito’s culture and leadership were essential in my decision to work with them. It didn’t feel like I was being sold to – they came across as trustworthy. Hito made me feel like I was part of the family. I felt very safe and comfortable; I had no issues. Their process was easy and fast. I received the maximum amount of dollars from the Employee Retention Credit that my business qualified for. Because of this experience, I will make sure to reach out to Hito for other tax credit opportunities that I can leverage.

- Pierre Cinar, President

Hito was able to help take advantage of the R&D tax credit that my company was qualified for, but never availed of. They were responsive and offered a competitive rate. They were thorough and paid attention to details, always available to answer questions. We will continue to work with Hito on R&D tax credit analysis to ensure that we don’t lose out on any benefits over the coming years.

- Carl Buratti, Principal, Electrical Engineer, Owner